Cleaning and De-scaling for Salmon and Sea Trout

Cleaning and De-scaling for Salmon and Sea Trout

Cleaning & Descaling


The Deslimer is designed for effective rinsing of fish. The machine consists of a washing tunnel and a tank with water filter.

Technical Data:

Capacity: approx. 15-30 fish / min
(salmon) depending on feeding method

also available as big model for whole fish with up to 80 fish/min


Filet Washer

The filet washer is designed for effective washing and drying of fillets.
The machine consists of a spooling and blower tunnel.

The spooling and blower tunnel has a conveyor with adjustable speed to carry the fish through three spooling and blower tunnel.
Spooling process has a separate pressure adjustment, the water is guiding to the floor drain. There is a magnet valve for open and close for water, the valve is controlled by a sensor, the sensor is activating this valve, when the filets are passing the sensor and stop the water flow - controlled by a timer, thereby saving water.
The electrical control box is placed above the conveyor in the inlet end.
There is buttons for start/stop for the conveyor and speed adjustment, and a bottom for cleaning mode.

Technical Data:

Capacity: approx. 30-60 fillets/min (salmon) depending on the feeding method and size of fillets